Welcome to my Blog!!!

They save our sanity!

They save our sanity!

So this is it! My first official entry for my first official blog! I’m so excited!!! People have been asking me to do this for over a year now so I’ve finally given in and went for it! Be it  5 people who read this or 25, it doesn’t matter!

I’ve had a love of eating and cooking food for a long time now! lol. Mike and I spend countless hours chopping, shopping, cooking, searching, tasting and entertaining with food and now that nutrition has become such an intricate part of our health regime, we find a huge part of our time invested into making the RIGHT choices for our bodies and our kids bodies too. We spend a good part of the week picking away at a meal plan for the following week and then by Saturday we are ready to shop and search for all the yummy things we need to put that meal plan in place. Is it time-consuming? YES Do we love it? YES Do we do it together? Absolutely!!!! And all the kids input as well!


Always keeps us on track

Our Kitchen Menu Board

Mike and I have whats called “a blended” family. My two savages (as we lovingly call them) come on a Wednesday and stay till the following Wednesday) and Mikes savage comes on the Friday till the following Friday…then we have 5 days to ourselves and the cycle begins again. It sounds confusing but we love it! So when it comes to meal planning we tend to have them involved in what they want for lunches and suppers and we keep the crazy shit to when they are not with us. My son tells us we are “too fancy” and prefers bbq steak and potatoes…my daughter tells us “we are too freakin healthy” and reaches for the mason jar of strawberries and gluten-free crackers with hummus…and Mike’s 80 pound cheerleader puts her plate in order of colors and thinks honey-dew melon is “totally awesome”

So chopping, prepping and keeping them in the “know” is what keeps everyone sane !!! Mason jars and re-usable ziplock bags have become our best friends….and our kitchen chalkboard…where we keep our weekly supper menu…stay tuned for recipes and ideas coming your way….maybe a little venting lol and always an open ear for anyone out there!!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog!!!

  1. I’m so happy to see you started this. I’ve always loved how you come up with so many yummy looking and healthy recipes. Looking forward to reading more.


  2. Just saw this on my Facebook, Krista. Love the recipes. I have been into healthy eating for many years. Can’t wait to try some of yours.

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