Transformation? Or the real me.

Well so far so good eh? I never would have guessed it but I’m now “one of those people”. I’m one of those who has a success story….but holy friggin wow did I ever work for it! AND it’s not over…nor will it ever be over! This is it peeps….this is now my life. I read labels, I pick salad over fries and turn up my nose at McDonalds…even though secretly I LOVE their fries. If someone tells you it’s easy…they are LYING!!!! I hate working out…well let me rephrase that…I hate getting started but I have come to love the energy it gives me after my 30 minutes….but I can totally do 30 minutes….3 hours at the gym? Not a chance….not even interested….

I really hated the way I looked. I did a really good job covering it up. I have a lot of people who

Santa vs. Krista

Santa vs. Krista

come up to me and whisper…” I really had no idea you were that big”….it’s ok…you don’t have to whisper…it still hits me either way…guess what…I was, and it’s ok to say it, cause I’ve left that girl behind! Look at those before and after shots….I couldn’t even get all of my big butt into the frame! Let’s be real!! I hated looking at pics of myself! In todays digital world it’s easy to put a filter on your smart phone and angle it a certain way to get JUST the right shot….we don’t need to see all the bad stuff if we don’t want to! When my friend Janet gave me this picture of Mike and I (yes he’s dressed as an elf) from my Christmas staff party…I cried. I mean WTF!!!! I was Santa Claus, forget about the red suit and fact that he’s supposedly a guy….I was a big as I needed to be, to play him.

My dad had taken a heart attack in June of 2014 and had a huge bypass surgery…when he was recovering I was by his side and he said….I’m worried about you. Well, holy shit dad, thanks a lot…. but my reality was…I was 219 pounds and on blood pressure meds and on anti depressants…my back and hips hurt all the time and I had zero energy….he had a reason to worry.

So I took the plunge, after thinking about it and mulling it over for 3 months….my friend Signe Williams was offering a 21 day fix and she wanted me in….of all things, I was worried about spending the money. When I finally spent it, it was the best thing I ever spent my money on. I’ve tried a lot of weight loss programs…they are a dime a dozen out there….this one is hands down, the best one. It’s real, no frills, change your life and a keep it changed kinda program. At look, now I’m a coach! Go figure lol.

37 pounds and 28 inches GONE - From January - May 2015

37 pounds and 28 inches GONE – From January – May 2015

Santa vs. Krista

Santa vs. Krista

I’m a fixer for life…and Mike has been on board since the start. He’s down 30 pounds and is now stepping up his strengthening with a P90x3 PROGRAM…which I can’t see me doing for awhile…if ever, but he’s loving it!!! I’m so proud of him! We found each other and now we plan to be together for a long long long time!!



One thought on “Transformation? Or the real me.

  1. My dear friend Krista,
    I’m so proud of you and your consistency on your journey to a healthier you. I’ve watched you ease into this life style change amazed at the enthusiasm and passion you continually develop and share with everyone around you. You continue to inspire me daily. Thanks for the motivation to start and continue on this healthy voyage with you!


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