I’ve been asked to talk about our grocery shopping. So, like most people, we both get paid biweekly. On payday we also sync our “grocery box” from Real Food Connections”. I blogged about this place last week….can’t say enough about it. Real Foods is da bomb dot com. All locally sourced, our grocery box is what we plan our “grown up” meals around. Here is a list of what we got this week…. It is different with every box…. I love the surprise….


 For 145$ we got…

2 onions

1 bag of carrots 

1 bag of spinach

1 bag of mixed greens

1 bag of pea shoots

Bok choy 

2 herb plants – oregano and cilantro

A dozen free range brown eggs 

A loaf of sunflower bread 

A block of sundried tomato herb feta cheese

A pound of ground veal

2 smoked pork chops 

3 free range hormone free chicken drumsticks

A sirloin steak 

2 litres of gagetown Apple cider

3 growlers of hard Apple cider 😜

500mls organic natural peanut butter

A bag of sunflower seeds

A bag of vegan chocolate chips

And Java moose ” mudslide ” chocolate roasted coffee

ALL worth every penny! 

Then Saturday morning we hit up the farmers market! This week we got…

2 amazing ribeye steaks – one of which our lovely 6 month old dog snatched off the cupboard and ate! I was totally pissed!  


YA we ate – 1….. Wtf 

We got a ton of rib bones for him for 68 cents 

20$ worth of sirloin steak which we cut so we got 9 steaks out of it! 

We got New Brunswick goat cheese that is rolled in pine ash…. Yup…. Pine ash….. And it’s right friggin good!  


And was a splurge for 8.50!!!! 

And we got 4 yummy greenhouse grown tomatoes and 12 “bundles” for the kidlets lunches…. These are morsles… In an eggroll wrap…. Italian meatball, donair and taco …. They love them…. And we have a punch card there so our next dozen are free 😜

From there we went to Costco and spent 230$…. Well spent though! 

Mike got puma ankle socks and a pair of 32 waist shorts… He was in a 36 😜 and I got 5 pairs of size medium undies… I was in an extra large… And a pair of white capris… Size 10!!!!!!

Naan bread

2 containers of strawberries

1 container of blueberries

1 bag of spinach

1 bag of cucumbers

1 bag of peppers

1 bunch of bananas 

1 cantaloupe 

30 eggs

40 juice boxes

6 cartons of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

3 tubs of plain Greek yogurt

Brick of marble cheese

24 packs of popcorn

A bag of hemp hearts

Big tub of dried basil

Big bag of potting soil 

From there we went to Home Depot and got 60$ worth of herbs to plant in pots on our deck…. Tons of basil and parsley, Rosemary, cilantro, oregano, thyme, lemongrass and lavender and a hanging basket 🙂 

Then to wheatons and got 19$ worth of kcups 😜 hot chocolate and coffee … 42 of em…,

Then value village…,55$

Cheese grater…. Nice one!!!! 4$

Mike got a pair of size 32 shorts 😜 and a golf shirt 

I got a pair of capris, a shrug and a cool shirt and a Calvin Klien sweatshirt/jacket…. Love it

And a blanket for the car for our dog….
There it is…. Our Saturday morning spending 😜 we were home by noon 😜


One thought on “Groceries 

  1. I love this post ! Hopefully we see more ! I just wanted to point out that you said “right” friggin good. Apparently that is a east coast thing, when I lived in Ontario for a bit people constantly pointed out how often I used the work “right” lol


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