A Day of Food

So someone asked me to blog about a typical day of eating on the 21 day fix. For where I am right now, I’m allowed

4 green – veggies, 4 red – protein, 3 purple – fruit, 3 yellow – carbs, 1 blue – good fats, 1 orange – seeds and dressings and 4 Tsp. – nut butters, oils 

I’ll include my exercise and water intake as well… 

So I started my morning at 5:45. Drove over to the woodlot and walked with the dog for 30 minutes. I am doing the PIYO workouts for a change of pace from the 21 day fix workouts, as I’ve been doing them since early January, but my back has been acting funny this week so I’ve just been walking – missing it though so going back to PIYO tomorrow morning 😜

Rock and I enjoyed our walk 😊 


Came home and had 8ozs of caffeine free herbal tea – so that counts towards my water – thank god cause I have to get 92 ounces in! That’s hard for me.

I have my shakeology for Breakfast when I get to school. This morning I had a cherry blossom one! Squeal! So friggin good!  


So it’s a scoop of chocolate shakeology – 1 red

1 full green on spinach

A purple of frozen cherries

2 tsp. Of peanut powder

1/3 cup of almond milk and 1 and 1/4 cup of water

A tsp of coconut extract 


I also had 2 TBSP of Apple cider vinegar and my immune system boosting supplement I get through BEachbody . It’s called Cordastra 😜


My 10am snack was a blueberry parfait.

1 red of Greek yogurt

1 yellow of steel cut oats 

1 purple of blueberries 

It’s my go to!!!!

Lunch was a layered Mason Jar salad 


Layer was a homemade dressing with maple balsamic vinegar and olive oil 

A red of leftover honey garlic chicken 

A yellow of quinoa 

A green of tomatoes, onions and peppers and a green of mixed greens and micro green shoots  


SO GOOD – even my students wanted it! 


I finished a 32 ounce water bottle by 2 and had 3/4 of a purple of strawberries around 3pm. 

By 4 I had downed another 32oz water bottle and prepped supper for 6 which was a Pita pizza

1 yellow for the Pita

1/4 purple for the sauce

1/2 green for onions and peppers

1 blue for the cheese and olives

1 red for the hamburger 

A drizzle of hot sauce 

It was very filling

I just drank another 8 oz of water and I’m hoping to get the last 24 oz in before bed…. And yes I do pee all night 😜

Hope this helps!!! 


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