Traveling and eats 

It’s so hard to travel with your own  food when your flying. Road trips are different – you can pack a cooler and you are good to go but not when your flying. It is nice to see some healthy choices in the airports but the reality of convenience foods running our life’s, is so in your face when you search for healthy choices. Our lives have become so busy that we are all looking for quick fixes and things for on the go. 

It’s doable though. My friend Laura and I are both 21 day fixers so clean eating has become engrained in us. We catch ourselves at Starbucks, asking for black coffee with honey and grabbing a “Kind” protein bar instead of a delicious looking pastry. We order a “Screaming Goat” burger with mayo on the side ( so we don’t eat it ) – side salad with a balsamic vinegarette dressing and I even take the top bun off so I don’t eat too much bread. 

We found water fill up stations at a festival we were walking through and tried to stay hydrated even though we were indulging in some wine and beer 😜.

We didn’t make all great choices but it was interesting to see how our habits have changed and how we make a conscience effort to ask for what we want and study menus and choices around us before putting things in our mouths 👯 



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