Wraps and pizzas 

sometimes meal planning on the fly is tricky or meal planning AND trying to use up what you already have in your fridge is a challenge. We’ve been committed to meal planning since January in our house and if we fail to plan … We plan to fail 


We’ve discovered wraps and pizzas are socfreakin easy and fun to play with! The challenge now is how to top the wow factor each time and they are never the same!!!! All clean eating ingredients, you can always have the envy of everyone at work! And you can give them fancy names too 😜

    Like Hot Pickle Pesto Pizza


  Lettuce Taco Wraps  

  Chicken Souvlaki 

  Turkey and Spinach on Ezikel 

Really the sky is the limit 🙂

So here are some ideas for wraps

Yellow Container – carbs

Whole grain tortilla

Ezikel tortilla

Spinach or sundried tomato tortilla

Whole wheat pita


A non yellow wrap would be a big leafy green like a romaine leaf

RED – protein 

Baked chicken 




Ground turkey

Anything really but with an interesting rub to spice it up 🙂 I love shopping for new rubs ! Winners is great place to find them or health food sections of grocery store.  Farmers markets or any gourmet food section of stores… Chapters has one, downtown shops 

And Allrecipes.com has tons!!! Mike and I use this app ALL the time!!!! 

Here is a great one for pork!!!

Throw in a slow cooker for 6-8 hours and then shred with a fork – so freakin easy!

Then veggies

Our favs are






Bean sprouts 

Micro greens

But any veg is doable!

Blue – good fats


Avocado – with spices to make it guacamole! The Epicure spices for this are the best! 

All different kinds of cheese! A cheese can really change up the taste of things!! Smoked Gouda, feta, goat cheese, Guinness cheddar… Oh man I could go on and on and on! 


Mustards have been our go to but there are so many different kinds of mustards!!!! Shop around! Experiment! 

We also make our own bbq sauce and dill pickles for garnish 😜

Pizzas are fun too!


Naan bread

Whole wheat pitas

Multi grain tortillas


Homemade pizza sauce 


OR Pesto 


We get the Greek yogurt stuff from Costo

Or BBQ Sauce – homemade

Same thing for toppings – play around with them!!!! 

veggie with homemade pizza sauce on a whole wheat pita

greek pizza with olives, artichoke hearts and chicken

pesto, turkey and mushrooms

Pesto with turkey, banana peppers , dill pickles and feta

Have Fun!!!!,


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