Enroute to Cape Breton 

So I’m enroute to Cape Breton for a family wedding and Mike and I didn’t want to eat crap so we packed a cooler …. Yet again! Lol our cooler has got a. Lot of use this year! And man are we ever saving money! For real! 

In our cooler we have our staples….

Boiled eggs

Blueberry , Greek yogurt, steel cut oats and hemp heart parfaits ( my fav.), carrots, cut up melon, lots and lots of water and we made fresh chicken breast wraps with an awesome whole grain mustard and lots of veggies 

Before we got on the road I had to stop in at Aura Foods – a local health food store, to get a few supplements my amazing therapist perscribed me. My back has been giving me a lot of grief lately so I’m stepping up with more proactivity 👍

And I found these little gems for the ride to help curb my sweet tooth 😜

We stopped in Moncton to add a big bag of spinach, bananas,  and frozen strawberries so that we could make our shakeology while in Cape Breton. That’s a must for us. Of course I stopped and got a new , cheap blender from Walmart…ummm 24.95…. Hello it’s red!!!  

It’s not going to be easy to eat completely clean but I’m going to try my best and we have our workout gear packed with our  DVDs! Wish us luck!